Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Saturday Stroll through Limericks Milk Market

With the freezing weather causing the scheduled Soccer match to be cancelled I found myself with some time to kill and so with the promise of chocolate pancakes I ventured into town with the two boys.
There was defiantly a Christmas atmosphere in town and everyone seemed to be in good spirits. And even at 10:30am I had to park on Level 5 so the crowd
s were in early!
The new location for the milk market along Ellen St. seems to be working out although the narrow streets were a bit jammed with the crowds today but that’s to be expected.

It was cold but crisp and the stalls selling food and hot drinks were doing good trade. There was quite a queue at Fueur De Sel for the promised “Crepe Parisian” but it was worth the wait! Lots of foot traffic and the stalls seemed to be doing good trade.Lots of music around as well which added to the Christmas atmosphere.

We ventured further into town to find a Bank Machine and Stopped by the remembrance Tree on Bedford Row and met Gay Moore from Special
Olympics Limerick and Eimear O’Doherty from The Mid West Cancer Society who along with
Billy Lane and Gerry O’Doherty from The Limerick Thomond Rotary Club were selling ribbons for the tree to allow people remember those who have passed away.