Thursday, April 30, 2009

Virtual Tour Of Limerick Ireland

Munster Business Directory have added a feature to our site that will be of interest to visitors and locals alike.

It is a series of 360 degree and 180 degree views of Limerick City from various places of interest.

While Google streetview will eventually provide a much more detailed option it may be up to a year before the results are seen online so in the meantime we have created this as an option.

I will be adding more locations all the time and including local events also. So if you are a tourist thinking of visiting Limerick then get an idea of whats to see and what the city looks like through our virtual tour of Limerick city.

So click on the link above to start your Virtual tour!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Welcome to the Munster Business Blog!

This Blog is part of the Munster Business website based in Limerick Ireland. And will contain information related to services and business available in Limerick and throughout the Munster Region. I will be using this blog to help promote New and existing companies in Ireland who offer services in the Munster Area.

We provide free listings to companies and will also setup sub sites for them under the munsterbusiness site to promote your business we will take photographs and design the pages for you free of charge.

Check back for more information on promoting your business online.
We will be publishing information from our sister site Coyote Consultancy on SEO services for Ireland which will help you get your company ound online in Ireland

Pat Browne
Munster Business Listings -