Thursday, September 10, 2009 Preparing for their Busy Season! with Container Grown Shrubs.

Talking with Dermot from this morning gave me a new appreciation for the amount of work that Irish gardeners put in year round to produce brilliant results.
The average Irish gardener will spend hours every week maintaining and preparing their garden's and the next big phase in this is working on Container grown shrubs.

Dermot was telling me that this is a very busy time of the year for him as keeping up with his orders for Container Grown Shrubs at the moment is keeping both him and his father Tom on their toes.

That combined with his preperation for the next planting season with their extensive range of rootballed trees
and the Autum rush on Irish Fruit Trees leave them both with not a lot of time to spare!

So of you are looking for a Munster based online plant catalogue with all of the variety of any of the top online garden centres run by a team with years of Irish gardening and landscaping experience then is the place to go.