Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy Day Today! - Limerick Car Free Day Parade Photos and Limerick Pride Photos

Ohh Me Feet! I know that we are supporting the environment but all the running around town today to cover the two big events that were on was hard going with no Car! ( those of you who know me will know i'm not exactly built for speed walking!! )

Firstly I went to cover the Car Free Day Parade at City Hall. I have to say it was very well organised with loads to keep both kids and adults busy. There was a great display at the Treaty Stone at the end also.
Sample photos below. Slide Show on our Munster Images page and the full gallery over [ Here ] on Picasaweb.

Limerick Pride Photos
Another well planned and organised event was on at the other side of town. So of I went as fast as my feet would carry me! Unfortunately I missed the parade but made it to the Street Party! Sample Photos are below.

Slide Show [ Here ] and Full Gallery available [ Here ]

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