Friday, October 22, 2010


Photographs below from the Save our City Rally in Limerick Today.
Mayor Maria Byrne is urging people to: Have Pride in Limerick City, Our Identity and Our History by rejecting the proposals to amalgamate Limerick City and County which abolishes the entity of Limerick City.

She declared: “Limerick City needs a boundary extension, taking in its suburbs so we can be a strong regional city of over 100,000 people,” she said. “If the proposals in the Brosnan report go ahead we will lose our city, our identity and over 1000 years of history will just disappear. Limerick is already falsely portrayed as Ireland’s fourth city as half the population of Limerick city officially live in County Limerick.

The Brosnan Report argues the need for a strong city and that strong cities drive strong regions but this is best achieved through an immediate boundary extension,” she argues.

The City Council believes that a boundary extension is better for Limerick City because:

Businesses Rates in the city can be cut immediately if the boundary extension is granted
Amalgamation will mean a weaker Limerick City
Investment in the city will fall if it is merged
Limerick needs immediate action-Brosnan will take years to deliver
Only a City Council will focus on the City
Who will speak for Limerick City?