Thursday, May 6, 2010

Malin To Mizen For The Carers Association -

Joanne Ui Crualaoich, an Ultra Runner, has kindly agreed to help the Carers Association raise much needed funds by running from Malin to Mizen Head on 21May 2010. She hopes to set a Guinness World Record for her run.
You can find out more [ Here ]

What is this all about then?

How mad?

The Malin to Mizen Head route is approximately 350 miles. Joanne hopes to complete it in under six days which would set a Guinness World Record. That is 70 miles per day, each day - almost the equivalent of 3 marathons each day!

How can you help?
The Carers Association aims to raise much needed funds from this event. They will be holding bucket collections in some of the locations en route, They have a account for people who want to sponsor Joanne per mile or overall. -

If you have any practical assistance to offer please feel free to contact