Monday, January 4, 2010

Speakeasy Jazz Limerick still Swinging in the New Year

Jazz in Limerick

In 2009 Limericks alternative scene recieved a timely boost in the form of Speakeasy Jazz writes Andrew Curtain. The monthly Jazz club takes place on the second Thursday of the month and has proved a big hit with locals since it's inception

last April.
The headliners on Speakeasy's opening night were Insert Name Here, comprising of Bart Kiely, Joe Callahan, Bandi Varady, Dave Irwin and

Steve Hanks and they certainly provided a great opening act, playing all sorts of eclectic abstract Jazz grooves. The band were followed by DJ Peter Curtin(Cheebah, Spin FM) and the night set the tone of things to come for SpeakeasyJazz.

Some of Speakeasy' shows have been keenly ambitious with the organisers accomodating a 16 piece Jazz band into the Shannon Rowing Clubs intimate surroundings; The Savoy Jazz Orchestra, lead by Alan Ryan(RTE Lyric) had the club hopping to music from such greats as Glen Miller and Duke Ellington. Liam O'Brien(Rat Pack UK) lent his vocal prowess to the event and DJ Leon took it into the wee hours. Some of the other events included The Downtown Dixieland Jazz Band, Jazz Meets-a spoken word and freeform Jazz Collaboration, The David Irwin Ensemble, The Big Girls Blues Band and The Magic Carpet Trio. Each Session is completed with a set by some of Limerick's

Shannon rowing club Limerick

finest DJs such as Brigadier JC, Vic John Junior, DJ Leon and Ms Skull.

The chosen venue for SpeakeasyJazz is the perfectly apt Shannon Rowing Club. The building sits proudly over the beautiful River Shannon, lends it's warm atmosphere to the event and provides the perfect surroundings to enjoy the music. For their Christmas gig, SpeakeasyJazz invited The Boudoir Sessions to hold a Vintage, Retro fancy dress Jazz party. The venue couldn't have been more perfect, it was like taking a step back in time with everybody putting in so much effort to make the night a success.

The organisers of SpeakeasyJazz are showing no signs of slowing down and are all set to kick start the New Year in style, and have invited 'Jazzypsy' to the floor to woo you with their eclectic mix of Latin and Swing, Blues and Jazz!

Jazzypsy are a local outfit, fronted by Louise Kiernan..a

charming songstress who regularly sings with the folks down at the Limerick Jazz Workshops. With Louise on the night will be: Bandi and Andreas Varady (~Bass and Guitar), a father-son duo who you may have seen wowing the crowds in the marketplace with their beautiful, graceful and very groovy Jazz guitar riffs...Dermot and Mike Hinchy (~Drums and Sax) these versatile and very talented brothers are mainstays on the Limerick music circuit.
You may hear touches of Bossa Nova, Be Bop, plenty of Swing and certainly lots of lovely oldies sung sweetly by the lovely Louise.
Check out Andreas taking part in RTE's :The Guitar competition.

To round up the night, DJ Leon will take over and keep the dancefloor hopping to all kinds of radical Swing and Jazz tunes!

SpeakeasyJazz LimerickSpeakeasy Jazz Limerick


Followed by DJ Leon 'Til late

Thurs Jan 14th

The Shannon Rowing Club

Doors 9.30

Adm; 8 / 10e after 10pm
SpeakeasyJazz Limerick/

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