Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Play Therapy Products and Services Ireland - Educational Puppets and toys Ireland

Play Therapy products Ireland
Many children need support in emotional literacy. Others have behaviour or mental health problems at some stage that prevents them from fulfilling their full potential.

Some studies indicate that 20% of children have some form of psychological problem (Venables (1983);Rutter, Cox et al (1975); Jeffers & Fitzgerald (1991); Porteous (1991) etc) and that 70% of these are helped through the use of psychological based therapies such as play and creative arts. The 1999 British government survey estimated that 10% of children have a mental health problem. It is likely that similar statistics apply to Ireland.
Play is now widely recognised as being beneficial in the emotional development of children. It has a therapeutic value. With the growth of play therapy, play work and the use of therapeutic play skills there is widespread confusion about the roles of each and the skills required to be a proficient practitioner.
The Play Therapy Ireland website has lots of information and an extensive list of play therapy practitioners in Ireland

Childreach are an Irish company providing resources for play therapy, supplies for creative arts therapy, Educational toys and puppets and also special needs and ABA tools.

They have an extensive range or items available including complete play therapy kits with everything needed to provide play therapy services.
Now Based in Co. Meath Childreach will shortly be opening their Irish website but currently cover all of Ireland and the UK through There are a number of play therapy and ABA therapy tools currently in the sale on the site and the product range is constantly being expanded. The site also contains en extensive range of arts and crafts items ranging from white masks for painting to sand trays and wall charts and children’s costumes.

ChildReach are located in Clover House, Rathnally, Trim, Co.Meath, Ireland