Sunday, July 12, 2009

Went To Unigolf today - excellent setup! Allweather Golf for Limerick

No thats not Me!
Due to the miserable weather today I decided to give the Unigolf place a try as the two kids were bouncing off the walls.

I have to say that the setup is amazing! first we decided to try the simulator for half an hour. You rent out the room so all 3 of us had a go.
Confirmed that my decision to stick with pitch and putt was a good one I can't drive a ball to save my life!!
The graphics are great and you can play on loads of different courses.
Its a full swing simulator ( before today I had no idea what that was ) so you blast the ball at the screen that the course is projected on to ( it does not bource back ) sensors then translate that into an actual shot on the computer.

After our half hour we went out on the 18 hole putting course. What a laugh. Amazing how competitive you get after the first one or 2 holes! my ball ended up in the water 3 times as we went round and I have to say I found the greens hard enough so you really have to concentrate its good practice.

Sorry if im whittering on a bit but I'm just glad to have found somewhere I can go with the kids when its raining besides the bowling alley! and Its good value we killed a good 2 and a half hours.
The website for Unigolf is they are doing introductory golf lessons for kids at the moment also