Saturday, May 2, 2009

Limerick Riverfest 2009

BBQ at Riverfest 2009 Limerick

It’s that time of year again and with May’s bank holiday weekend Riverfest Limerick 2009Riverfest 2009 comes to Limerick. With its French market’s delicious products it’s always a favourite of mine! No BBQ competition at Riverfest this year but the organisers of the BBQ competition hope to hold it later in the year if sponsorship can be found (darn recession there goes by feed of burgers and chicken!!) but there were a few BBQ stands there from the business along the Quay selling lovely food to
passers by including one amazing one with this giant sausage grill!. They will make a killing later when the French Market Riverfest 2009Munster fans arrive in droves to watch the match on the big screen (Come on Munster!). Crowds seemed down on last year but I was in fairly early today so it might pick up later for the match.
It’s a real pity that the BBQ competition was notThe French Market at Riverfest 2009 in Limerick there this year it seemed very quiet without it as it always brought in a variety of people and made the palace a bit livelier. There was live music but not on the scale of last year.
I will pop in tomorrow again and also try and get to the fireworks show on Sunday night.
The photographs are up on our Picasa web gallery so for Pictures of Riverfest 2009 Limerick give it a click.