Friday, March 8, 2013

Thomas St in Limerick on the way to being Ireland's first Virtual Street

With the 7th business on Thomas St ready to appear on line shortly Limerick is leading the way in the adoption of Google's newest addition to its mapping products. Google Business Photos allows the same street-view like tours we are familiar with for our streets to now bring us inside businesses!
The Cornstore Restaurant - Thomas St. Limerick
Theo Kennedy of Munster Images is the Google Trusted Photographer for the region and over the past months has been adding steadily to the list of businesses now including a virtual 360 degree interactive tour as part of their on line presence. "The Virtual tour is an optional addition to the free listing on Google maps available as part of the Google+ page a business can set-up" said Miss Kennedy. "As more and more people are searching on mobile devices, having your business listed on Google Maps is becoming essential. Even sat-nav systems are using these listings now so when a potential customer looks for "shopping" you want to make sure your business is on the list they get". "Businesses need to ensure they set-up or claim their listing on the map even if they don't have a website, Their Google+ page can contain photos and videos and information relevant to those searching for services".

Limerick Strand Hotel
"We have lots on information and videos all about what Google Business Photos is about on our website, and with prices starting at €200 as a once off payment it is a lot more affordable than Businesses think. We want Limerick to be a trail blazer in getting as many business as possible "On The Map" to enhance Limericks on-line image Google chose Limerick as one of the first locations in Ireland to have this service available and it is now spreading to other regions. We don't want Limerick to loose the advantage it has over other parts of the country in having more of these tours available"
Matthew Stephens Jewellers O'Connell St Limerick
Business in the region have been quick in realising the potential of the virtual tours and the number of businesses is growing all the time. The service is now being rolled out to other areas of the region and businesses in Killaloe and Adare will be next to have this opportunity.