Monday, September 27, 2010

Launch of Greyhound Benefit Night for St Gabriel's Hydrotherapy

Launch of Greyhound Benefit Night

Funds raised from the benefit night (Saturday 16 October in the new Limerick Stadium) will go directly towards the running costs of St. Gabriel’s hydrotherapy pool. Annually, those costs reach €150,000 and are sourced through various fundraising activities but the benefits of this hydrotherapy pool for the children with disabilities who use it far outweigh the yearly outlay. Children who are unable to walk as a result of road traffic accidents, cerebral palsy or other traumatic injuries can relax and move more easily and independently in the pool, where they experience confidence and freedom they otherwise find difficult to achieve. Parents of children with sensory conditions report improvements in their children’s sleeping patterns and social behavior, resulting in great enhancement to their family’s quality of life. They need to continue this work. St Gabriel's are very grateful for your support now more than ever.