Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mixed Martial Arts Cage Fight - MMA Armed Evolution at UL Concert Hall

Update ....

That was intense!! - More photos over at

Looking to pass a quiet evening? well forget that and get along to UL Concert Hall for Xtreme Cage Combat on July 31st!

Xtreme Cage Combat – “Armed Evolution”

Saturday July31st at the Limerick Concert Hall
Tickets Available on the Door

Heavyweight 93kg

Mark Brophey (CSC) vs Zbynek Pistek (KTP)

Catchweight 80kg

Rob Orlovsky (CSC) vs Cathal Gorey

Welterweight 77kg

Nic Rubinson (FLA) vs Juri Malko (CTB)

Semi Pro
Bantamweight 61kg

Paul Pike (CSC) vs Sergej Scukin (MMAC)

Semi Pro
Welterweight 77kg

Dave Keane (MMAC) vs Conor Flynn (TDD)

Semi Pro
Lightweight 70kg

Barry Hickey (MMAC) vs Brendan McGarry (KTP)

More Fights to be Confirmed

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