Saturday, June 19, 2010

Twilight Racing Fri 19th June - Republic of Loose at Limerick Racecourse

The weather this evening was a little overcast but cleared up nicely for a beautifully warm evening at the racecourse. A good crowd made for a great atmosphere and the evening was lively and lots of fun. I found time to partake of the amazing BBQ menu this time and the queue was a dead giveaway to both the quality and quantity of the food on offer. After finishing off my Gourmet Burger and a huge hot-dog I was ready for action! And the rest of the evenings racing proved to be very entertaining.

Then the rest of the evening till late was spent with Dublin own Funk Rocker's The Republic of Loose. putting our a fantastic mix of older tracks and some great new stuff in a perfect mix that kept the floor moving all night. All in all a great way to spend your Friday night. And for those with the energy the free bus to the Sin Bin was outside afterwards to keep things going till early Morning!

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