Saturday, November 28, 2009

Charleville Farmers Market - Co. Cork Farmers Market

Well I finally made it out of Limerick to visit one of the farmers markets from slightly farther afield this morning.

After a misty and cold start things had cleared up when I arrived in Charleville. The market is very easy to find and is located in the corner of the main car Charleville Farmers Marketpark so access is not a problem!

A really nice collection of stands and again the flooding had reduced the numbers and selection slightly but I was still impressed with the quality of products available.

My first stop was with Eileen Toomey from Banamore Cottage Garden, who has a range of fresh herbs on offer as well as a selection of home made preserves, Jams and Jellies and after having sampled the hedgerow jelly I can testify to the taste and quality of the product!

Next door was Jenny's Catering offering sausage baps pancakes and a selection of other hot food, which with the weather being as cold as it was was much in demand!

Liz Slattery from Pink Sugar was selling an amazing range of cakes buns and other sweet treats to tempt the passerby and just the sight of some of those perfectly produced home made sweet things twisted my rubber arm!

I am in danger of being slapped with a restraining order at this stage if I meet The Old Creamery or Ballyhoura Apple people again! But I really am becoming addicted to that Apple Juice!!

There was a real family presence on the Ballyhoura stand with Maurice, Ciaran and Stan Gilbert dishing out delicious and sweet mulled Apple Juice Mmmmmm!

Sean Daily had his wide range of fruit and Veg on display at the Market Garden stall and Vincent Daily from West Coast Seafood was next door.

The Final stall I visited was belonging to Brigid Collins of The Bakers Basket. Again a delicious range of baked goods which are preservative, yeast and additive free!

The Charleville market has a lot to offer and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Co. Cork.