Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just Writing My Name Ireland - Graffiti Session in Limerick

With some of the best Graffiti artists in the world in attendance this was going to be an amazing day and even the weather played along today at The Skate Park.

Just Writing My Name Ireland
Date: Saturday October 3rd 2009
Location: The Dock Rd. Limerick
From Germany: Can 2, Klark Kent
From Drogheda: Rask, sums
From Belfast:  dris, cair
From Dublin: jack, mavis, maser
From cork: dusto, dex
From galway: baqsr
From Poland: Cato, Mal
From London: lovepusher, tizer
From Czech Rep: Poker
From Limerick: Zer061, Ismo, Dyze, Deo, Mofo 

Sample photos below Slideshow - [ Here ] and Full Gallery [ Here ]