Saturday, June 13, 2009

Daredevil Stunt Show Limerick Not Scott Mays Show

It now appears that this show is a copycat of Scott Mays much bigger show coming to Limerick
on May 20th see below from I figured somthing must be up as this was not up to what I had seen on the website and also not all of what they said as going to happen on the night did. I will go to the real deal later this month.

Stunts UK Ltd presents, Scott May's Daredevil Stunt Show, the worlds largest of its kind.
Due to the success of the touring show in Scotland, England and Wales the team are embarking on their first tour of Ireland, having been invited over by the Irish Greyhound Board, several racecourses and raceways.
Scott and his team commence the Irish leg of their Daredevil Tour on Friday 12th June until Sunday 21st June 2009, performing at 10 different venues.
Members of the publicity team are already in Ireland and they have experienced threatening behaviour from a smaller imitation stunt show. Unbelievably, they have photocopied the official Scott May's Daredevil Show posters, removed "Scott May" from the top of the poster and placed their tour dates at the bottom, making it almost impossible to distinguish between the two shows, in an attempt to dupe the public into thinking they will be attending one of Scott May's shows.
They have also placed cancelled stickers over the Scott May posters.
(Correct dates/times/venues can be found within our website)
Company Director and founder of the show, Scott May, is disgusted at the behaviour and attitude of this imitation group, he said, "I cannot believe the extent to which this group have gone, they could ruin the reputation of the show that I have established over the last 19 years." Cornishman Scott continued, "I have even been contacted by venue owners and radio stations asking if I have cancelled my shows. A person, pretending to be my show agent has been spreading malicious words that my shows have been cancelled. I can categorically state that none of our shows have been cancelled and to save disappointment I ask that members of public who wish to see the World's number 1 touring stunt show to visit our website ( to find out more information regarding the show."
The official tour will be performing shows in Wexford, Kilkenny, Dublin, Kilbeggan, Dundalk, Naas, Waterford, Rosegreen, Limerick and Cork. The copycat show appears to be travelling around Enniscorthy, New Ross and possibly moving onto Tipperary or Cork.
Members of the public are advised that if they do attend the imitation show that it is not part of Scott May's Daredevil Stunt show and that they may be disappointed. It may not contain the stunts that are advertised on our official posters. Additionally, venue owners should be advised that this copycat company maybe using the good name of Scott May, in order to acquire the venues for their tour. This tactic has already been identified at several venues in the South East region of Ireland.
Scott May's show is an action packed one and a half hours of thrills including car crushing monster truck destruction, human cannonball, motorcycle, car and fire stunts, incredible two wheel driving displays using a quad, buggy, car, van and believe it or not, at some venues, a 7.5 ton lorry driven on two wheels.
Those spectators daring enough to ride in one of the show's mega monster machines have the chance to win a ride in Europe's only ride on monster truck. The truck aptly named 'Slaine' has 10 seats in the back to thrill the lucky winners who dare to enter the competition.
As well as a ride on monster truck there is a second monster truck, "The Bandit" and an adapted tracked vehicle "Thunder Trax", which both cause massive destruction.
Other exciting features of the show involve fire, pyrotechnics and the infamous Sumpy the stunt clown. Sumpy, as always will be bouncing into things and causing trouble where-ever he decides to get involved….
Tickets are only available on the gate on a first come first served basis so get there early to avoid disappointment!

Stunt Show Pics.

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